Economy class

Rental car economy class in Poltava and Sumy it is a good choice for pragmatic people who need a “workhorse” for easy movement within the city and beyond. In the city, weekdays, not so easy to get from point A to point B on public transportation, but if you need to visit during the day a lot of places, you will spend considerable time waiting for the trolley or bus. A taxi will cost you a significant amount of money for the same reason. Car rental is the perfect solution, especially if you are carrying hand baggage or small cargo.

Rental service car economy class in Poltava and Sumy is popular with people whose machine is being repaired, and to give up movements in the city with comfort. This service attracts our customers through attractive pricing policy. Although there is fundamentally wrong impression that if a car of economy class, then it is either in poor condition or there is a catch.

Seriously, we want to dispel this misconception. Our cars are economy class, absolutely working, with regular maintenance. Economy class is not a synonym for “bad”, the car is no-frills, rented in basic, original equipment. Rent economy car in Poltava and Sumy it is an absolute benefit for people who need a regular car to get around!


Renault Sandero

Days 1-3 4-7 8-14 15+ Bail
Price 25 $ 23 $ 20 $ negotiable charge 200 $